Wholesale Hemp Oil Tinctures

Wholesale Hemp Oil Tinctures

Phytonutrient-rich hemp oil supplements are made from properly sourced, U.S. industrial hemp plants. Extracted from the stalks and seeds, this edible oil is full of our hemp-derived proprietary cannabinoid blend and other phytonutrients produced naturally by these plants.

Made with non-psychoactive constituents of the hemp plant. Cannabinoids interact with CB1 and CB2 receptors, located all throughout our body’s endocannabinoid system. This system is believed to be responsible for various biological processes, with an overall goal of homeostasis.

Hemp Oil Ingredients

THC-Free Crystalline Cannabidiol, isolated through CO2 extraction and crystal precipitation,suspended in MCT, grape seed, or hemp oil.

Tincture Sizes and Flavors

Tasty Drops hemp oil tinctures are available in the sizes and flavors listed below:


  • 1oz (30ml) (250mg,500mg,750mg,1,000mg ,1,500mg and 3,000mg)
    • Full-spectrum hemp oil
    • Isolated via CO2 extraction and available in two forms.


  • Lemon-Lime
  • Strawberry-Banana
  • Vanilla
  • Natural (Unflavored)

*This product does contain a naturally occurring trace amount of THC from legally imported Hemp Oil under 0.3%.